Why You Should Install An Audio System With A Music Server In Your Convention Center Or Hotel

Posted on: 2 June 2021


Do you run a convention center, a hotel, or any other kind of business that frequently hosts parties, events, family special occasions, or corporate gatherings? Your ability to provide adequate facilities that can be used to entertain your guests may make the difference in whether you get the booking or not. If your building is currently coming up short on music options, one consideration you might want to look into would be the installation of an audio system that features a music server. Here's how installing a music server can benefit your business and your guests.

Upgrade the Experience for Every Event Your Building Holds

A wedding isn't a wedding without a first dance. A family reunion won't be as memorable without getting to witness the elders getting up and throwing down on the dance floor. Even a corporate event can be made better by giving attendees an opportunity to take a break and mingle while music plays in the background. If you'll be trying to compete for athletic events like dance or cheerleading competitions, many of these events feature music with every presentation. Installing a music server that lets you and your guests pick from a wide selection of music without having to bring their own can make the event more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Take Waiting Room or Elevator Music to Another Level

Even if you aren't currently hosting huge events, maybe you have a number of rooms throughout the hotel where music is piped in for relaxation or just to make the atmosphere more pleasant. Most people dread the idea of "elevator music" but that doesn't have to be the case if you have access to more current tunes through your server. Stream music into your hotel lobby or allow a client that rents out an office in your convention center to play waiting room music for their own clients.

Each Convention Hall or Conference Room Can Choose to Play Their Own Tunes

With a music server, you can pipe music into multiple different rooms at once and each room can have its own unique playlist. For instance, you can play fast dance music for a cheerleading event while still playing relaxing tunes out in the lobby.

Pay Once to Get Everything Set Up Instead of a Monthly Subscription

A music server is a significant investment, but it's also a one-time cost. If you already own a significant catalog of music, why would you pay every month for a subscription service? Install the server and you might save money in comparison to a subscription service. 

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