Reasons For Your Church To Start Live Streaming Its Services

Posted on: 25 September 2020


Many churches offer their services via live stream, allowing people to tune in both while the service is live and afterward at their leisure. If you're thinking about some changes that you wish to make at your church, offering live streaming might be something to discuss. Doing so requires an investment of audio/video gear and some time devoted to setting this equipment up, but the investment of time and effort can be worthwhile. If your church has a website, which is often the case today, you can provide links to live streams on the home page, as well as build an archive of past services elsewhere on the site. Here are some reasons for your church to offer this service.

Your Message Will Reach More People

The biggest advantage of your church beginning to offer its services via live streaming is that you'll be able to get your message to more people. If seating is limited at your church, that may mean that there may be people who wish to attend but cannot find room. Or, there may be people who are unable to attend for a host of reasons—perhaps they're elderly and cannot easily travel to and from the church, or maybe they have physical ailments that prevent attending a challenge. Such individuals can load your church's website into their web browser and watch your services live.

It Could Be Profitable

Churches frequently rely on donations from their members not only to operate but also to provide necessary services to people in the community. The number of people who sit in your pews can impact your ability to get donations, but reaching out to the world with live streaming instantly increases the number of people who may wish to offer their financial support. There are plenty of ways that you can address this area, including showing a phone number on the screen that people can call to give donations over the phone.

You'll Appeal More To Youth

While there are plenty of young people who love attending church, others might be interested in the message but sometimes find the traditional nature of church to be a bit stale. For these individuals, the idea of tuning in via the internet may help them to appreciate how your church is striving to stay modern. They may decide to frequently follow your services because of your commitment to this technology, and perhaps even eventually choose to attend in person. Talk to a live streaming service to discuss adding this functionality to your church services.