Home Automation Tips For Families

Posted on: 28 May 2016


Home automation isn't just for science fiction movies or for the tech savvy. Installing a whole house control system is also beneficial for families, both from a safety and a comfort standpoint. The following are a few automation tips that are especially well-suited for families with children or teens.

Tip #1: Choose power saving options

One complain in many households with kids is that children are apt to leave the lights on after they leave a room. You can automate your lighting systems so that lights automatically turn off at certain times. Another option is to include motion control in with the automation, so that lights turn off when no motion is sensed for a period of time. You can also have systems that allow you to control lights from your smartphone or computer. This allows you to turn off everything from work after the kids have left for school.

Tip #2: Take control of the television

If your kids are home alone, such as after school, you may want to make sure that the TV stays off until homework is done. With an automated system, you can control what devices are available at what times. For example, you can keep computers, televisions, and game systems shut down until 5:00pm, ensuring your kids are doing homework or at least not whittling away their time on mindless entertainment.

Tip #3: Watch from afar

There's no need to worry about the kids when you and your spouse decide to take an evening out. You can control every aspect of the house, from when televisions and tech shut down to when the lights are turned off, thus signaling to your older kids or teen that it's time to turn in for the evening. You can even control door locks and alarm systems, ensuring that everything is locked up tight and your family is safe while you are away.

Tip #4: Manage security

Many home control systems are also tied into security systems. This means you can assign your child or another family member a code to enter the home if they lose or forget their key, even if you aren't home at the time. You can even set up temporary codes to be used for entrance by outside workers, such as the plumber, cleaner, or babysitter. Then, after the service is complete simply disarm their code so it can't be used again. Another benefit is that you can monitor security cameras from your phone or computer. This allows you to make sure your kids or pets are safe when you are away, or to simply check up on your home while on vacation.

Talk to a home automation expert that handles whole house control in your area to get started.